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About Me

My name is Simon Roberts, a Product Design Teacher who enjoys making things in his spare time. Strong advocate for upcycling and sustainable designs regarding my materials choices and processes. Taking things that most would consider to be at the end of their lifecycle and giving them new purpose in our modern society. Hopefully this can inspire people to be a little bit to be creative, design something they want and ultimately have some fun being practical.

My Goals

Making has always been my greatest passion. From being presented with my first Lego set as a child, to understanding the complexities of modern manufacturing processes, I have always found solace being the in a creative environment. Over time, this passion evolved into understanding and better appreciating how design is not only integral to our society, but how us as designers can have a real-world impact on future generations. In many ways, as designers this is very much our moral duty.
Having worked as a design teacher for a number of years, I have been motivated watching others engage so strongly with the practical and creative nature the subject offers. This has allowed me to showcase my passion to others, and hopefully instil the same passion in them.
My goal within Design and Product Design teaching has always been to change the perception of the subject and craft. To show students design is not simply pieces made in a workshop setting, but is a lifestyle in which everything has been structured around, something which in our modern world is ever changing. I want to provide the facility to show up to date and modern industry standard practices, to help them improve their skill set and provide pupils with the best standard of education possible. To help others understand the importance of getting things wrong before they can be made right through an iterative design process. This being with the ultimate goal to inspire more pupils to strive for a career in design and help facilitate that transition, changing that initial perception of what the subject can offer.
Being engrossed in a creative environment helps stimulate ideas and the desire to be practical. For me, this led onto a desire to create and make, specifically furniture. Creating videos of my work and publishing these for others to see, all be it starting as a means of entertainment, soon evolved into a valuable educational tool for which students seem to fully engage with. In our modern age of social media, this content is relatable and familiar, which further drove my desire to expand my skill set and knowledge into this new avenue of interest.
With a growing number of students expressing an interest in non-traditional Engineering and Design based courses and careers, being up to date with modern design practices and graduate level work is as important as my desire to lead, so I can foster an environment in which structured support can be given and I can better facilitate their transition into a design-based career.
Ultimately, I hope to show others the joy that can be made through creative practices, and hopefully provide a platform to express their joy through design and making. To inspire more pupils to strive for a career in design and help facilitate that transition, changing that initial perception of what the subject and craft can offer.

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