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Making processes and techniques of various projects showcased using Youtube as the streaming platform

Scrap Wood TV Stand

Tv media consol created using scrap wood furniture, pallet wood and basic fixings. Made during the first covid-19 lockdown using only tools available.

Made 17th September 2021

Weights bench with storage

Storage trunk for portable weights, doubling up as a weights bench for workouts and exercise

Made 29th August 2021

Cricket bat repair and refurb

Taking an unusable cricket bat and bringing back to a playable condition utilising woodworking tools and techniques, along with traditional bat making process

Made 10th March 2021

Scrap Wood and Resin Coasters

Scrap Hardwood pieces from various CNC and industrial machines, repurposed into drinks coasters with resin to bind them together.

Made 29th December 2020

Whisky Barrell Breakfast Bar

Reclaimed whisky barrell converted into a drinks cabinet and breakfast bar

Made 27th November 2020

Year 9 project - LED Desk Light

Product Design and Engineering project for year 9 students. Taking inspiration from minimalist design and with an emphasis on sustainability to create a small scale LED light for a desk or bedside

Made 11th October 2020

Live Edge Oak and Resin Coffee Table with Inbedded Flowers

Commission for a friend looking to expand her coffee table and modernise its appearance for her home 

Made 29th September 2020

Year 6-9 Project - Kitchen Storage Organiser

Made from recycled and unused materials around a common household and simple fixing techniques as a lockdown project intended for 10-14 year olds

Made 23rd June 2020

Year 8 Project - Pewter Casting Pendant 

Understanding the casting process and how to maximise the flow of a molten material

Made 29th September 2019

Year 7 Project - Foam Race Car

Using rigid foam modeling material to create an aerodynamic race car in order to compete against one another

Made 1st July 2019

Year 7 Project - Wooden Money Box

Understanding woodworking tools and creating complex shapes with a pop art and nature design theme

Made 22nd June 2019

Year 7 Project - Brass Picture Frame

Understanding how to work with metals and bonding methods through soldering. Focusing on a quality finish through use of wet and dry sandpaper and polish

Made 9th June 2019

Year 9 Project - Flat Head Screwdriver

Utilising lathe work and forging techniques to create the handle and blade, and a variety of finishing techniques to thread the pieces together whilst achieving a high gloss finish

Made 9th June 2019

End Grain Pallet Wood Chopping Board

Made from upcycling pallets and following common woodworkers techniques and practices to create a functional kitchen piece with resin to bind the pieces together

Made 15th December 2018

Butcher Block Mug Rack

Upcycling pallets by breaking down, prepping and cutting pieces down to size so they can be glued together in this butcher block formation

Made 7th October 2018

Butcher Block Pallet Wood Trunk

First large scale project build. Upcycling pallets by breaking down, prepping and cutting pieces down to size so they can be glued together in this butcher block formation. Then constructed into a large scale storage trunk for the home.

Made 30th September 2018

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